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i aten't dead!

i atent ali ve either

all isd illusion


i've never seen nit5 before but i8t's fluffy mlikie me and we made friendss!!

thanmk you nkashy!

shewet says thaty this makeds me a lotrd ogf the peeps.

i don't really ewsant to bvre a lordf but... i don't thinmjk she'd blie to me! so mm i dunno i guess i'll try this out>>?>

...go my sugary minoions and nHUG!!!



erin and dave got nmrried!!!!!!!!


i woire a prettyt purploe ribbon asnd madfe lotsandloits of friends@!!!!

they are saewsome and totwallyu desrerve eavch otherr<3<3

i'm so hsappy<3!!

i always cry at weddingfs at lerast thids onme and when sdheweta and nsathaniel got matrrierfd just sask erin she held me up to watch thjsat timre but now i got to watch ythem and yaaay

morer people should gret married that's what i think.  i lilke californmia (nathanmiel helped me with thre link)


look i have va Nilu!!!!!!!!

he's ciuiuuuuute!
likie me:O))

i thinkm hjre'sd myu.......cousin?i'm not dsuurre@!

sheweta ssays that nathsaniel ids hids attimbear (it means unfcle i think) so i nshould  be hjus attimmippo


yay nilu<3<3<3


i helpoed sharon wroite a cover l;ettyerr!

ity says
June 12, 2008

Shawna McCarthy
Editor, Realms of Fantasy
P.O. Box 527
Rumson, NJ  07760

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

cv v mnk,sasawsaoeedlk777dsedskdskdskdskkskklsasnnmmn   nnnnj <3


(a nd then her aqddress)
b ut sharlon isn't goingt to use nit

she's very sillyl!


it'ds tooooo hpot here11!

esdpecisally if you have a fuzzsy coat

but it'ds sall illusion yayu



i  voted!!kifrkirkiki

aqnde i got as stickerr



yay fruends! v v i like frie nds<3<3